Hey, do you see the fun in Amstergum?

Let’s spread the Amstergum experience!

You see it, and probably immediately understand it. The Amstergum branding is self-explanatory. The fun, Amsterdam and ‘not-so-serious’ tone the brand carries opens up for great times with all the benefits of a refreshing chewing gum and CBD. Do you want to bring the Amsterdam experience to your country, region, or city? That is possible!

We are always looking for new distributors, chains and shops all over the world!

The Netherlands

HMP Distribution is the Amstergum distributor in the Netherlands. Are you a retailer or chain situated in Europe? Go to their website!

HMP Distribution logo

Sodaen is retailer distributor of Amstergum in The Netherlands for local retailers. Are you a Dutch local retailer? Contact us or go to their website!

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