A Bit About Us

When tourists visit Amsterdam, they have their reasons to visit the capital of the Netherlands. These could be the canals, the narrow but tall houses, tulips, Dam square, windmills, Red light district, Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank house or ADE. But also, Amsterdam as gay friendly city, the coffee shops, weed, cannabis, museums, spacecakes, Kingsday, Gay parade, bicycles, (Gouda) cheese, the local markets, or our language which is hard to understand.


This is what Amstergum is all about! Amstergum represents that feeling everyone is looking for when they go to Amsterdam. 

It represents the City of Freedom, in which ‘everything’ is allowed. Even when not in Amsterdam, Amstergum gives you a little taste of experiencing that awesome and crazy time a visitor can have in the Dutch capital. We aim to give the buyer Amsterdam vibes in just a chewing gum.

So… What we’re heading to next?

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